How much to feed a chinese water dragon?

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Hello. I couldn't find any sites that looked trustworthy about water dragons. If anyone knows a good site, please let me know.

I wanted to know how often to feed my chinese water dragon. It is a baby, no idea how old. With tail it is over a foot long.


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The best source online is this

This has SO much information and I think you will find everything you can.

For my water dragon, the best thing to do is provide a varied diet, they get bored easily. One day meal worms, the next day dubia, next day butter worms, next day silk worms, etc.

I think that is the best thing you can do is provide a variety. If this is a new dragon to you, I'd suggest getting a fecal done by your veterinarian to make sure you lil guy does not have any parasites and have a thorough check for things like mouth rot etc.

Thanks hope the site helps. I spent HOURS on there!

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