How much do you spend per month?

How much do you spend per month?

  • $10 - $20

    Votes: 461 49.7%
  • $20 - $40

    Votes: 189 20.4%
  • $40 - $60

    Votes: 124 13.4%
  • $60 - $80

    Votes: 59 6.4%
  • $80 - $100

    Votes: 44 4.7%
  • More than $100

    Votes: 51 5.5%

  • Total voters

beardie Sicko
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Cailyth, Pinky, & Brain
How much money do you spend per month on your bearded dragons, for food, substrate, etc.?


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I do tile so no substrate expenses, Once a month I do an order for a hornworm cup for about $15. Roaches and silks I breed. Veggies we grow, certain months out of the year I spend a few dollars on greens.
Conclusion: $15 dollars sometimes like $20
Every 6 months or so I buy new uvb bulb as well

kingofnobbys Sicko
How much money do you spend per month on your bearded dragons, for food, substrate, etc.?
2 eating machines who love BSFL and medium (20-25 each) crickets to large crickets (16 each) + an occasional superworms + greens (choys)
2 adult eatern bluetongues who love their salad, hard boiled eggs, and are treated to food grade live snails occasion and are fed soft doggy pellets 2 to 3 times a week.
1 eastern water skink who loves mealworms (worms & pupae), BSFL, and medium crickets.

I buy my BSFL and crickets online 2x p/mnth, mealworms in bulk every 2 months and supers in bulk 3x/ year.
Not breeding silkworm at moment ( will restart in spring )

I also feed the resident wild geckos, skinks, dragons and frogs, and insectonivorous birds, in warm season ( all yr other than May-Aug)

So > $100 incl shipping per mnth is about average for me.


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I get the bulk tub for bugs.
And then not much because the food drive offers veggies.
I also dehydrate the veggies so they last much longer.

20-40$ depending on if I wanna buy more Décor that month.

Just Charmander RN. 🐉
He's becoming an adult.:blob5:

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