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How much are baby bearded dragons worth


BD.org Sicko
Staff member
Hi there,

Dragon prices are a hard thing to really feel out.

One thing that affects the price big time is your own name. Being trustworthy and known as a big time breeder who deals with rare morphs tends to allow you to ask more of your dragons.

Secondly, pictures of the parents pay a big role. Most people looking into spending some decent money on a dragon know that how it looks like as a baby doesn't mean much. Being able to see the parents helps. So if the mom and dad are real stunners, you'll be able to ask more.

Thirdly, what morphs are you working with? Hypos and trans and leatherbacks aren't really the high end morphs anymore. However, if coloring and pattern is exceptional on them, they still can fetch a decent amount.

Basically, for a new breeder it comes down to what mom and dad actually look like.
Are the blue bars prominent? Do the babies seem to show signs of that? Not many will come out with that high grade most likely.

Post up a pic of mom and dad and we might be able to give you some better ballpark ranges.

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