How many times a day should I feed Bilbo?

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Hey guys! Bilbo is ~3 months old, about 11-11.5 inches long, and getting pretty chubby. Up till now I've been feeding him 3x a day. In the morning he eats about a tablespoon or so of greens (if packed down) along with ~15 large crickets, and then two more feedings of ~15 large crickets through the day. And he's been ramping up the amount he wants to eat very quickly.

I'm looking for a few more opinions on how I should feed him now, since I think he is close to being considered a juvenile as opposed to a baby. I was told by someone that now is a good time to feed him greens in the morning, and then crickets later in the day. I haven't really read of a unanimous feeding schedule in my research, does this seem like a good idea? I was personally leaning towards feeding him crickets and greens in the morning, and just crickets later on in the day. What do you guys think?

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Keep up with what you are doing.

Live insects 2-3 times a day is recommended way past 3 months.

Of course, as much salad as he can eat should always be offered too.



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It doesn't matter if he is going from baby to juvie. They need as much protein as they can get along with salads (80% protein 20% greens), until they are around 18 months. Once they hit 18 months, then you can switch them to 20% protein, 80% greens.
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