How many green anoiles can be kept in a 40 breeder?

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you asked how something sounded and i said it sounds like another forum not this one. this one is for bearded dragons. Not trying to be rude but this is a dragon forum not anoles. sorry.


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There are "other lizards" categories on this site, i=m sorry if i put it on the wrong one its just i needed to klnow if my tank was gonna be overcrowded

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It really is best not to mix species. If you are going to use a 40 gallon breeder tank I agree with the previous poster, 8 would be the max. Of course, make sure there is only 1 male & the rest females. The males would get too rambunctious with competition.



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nevermind that last post from me im gonna put 3 or 4 anoes tops i dont want or need 8 and theire was only going to be one male i didnt plan on two males they would fight


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oh i just saw your post and thank you imaguy for sayin something i never asked if it sounded like another post i ask how the tank sounded haha
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