How long can you keep them out of thier viv?

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So I read a lot of stories about people taking car rides with their dragons or road trips, I even read one story about a girl who would take hers to school... I remember also reading somewhere that they need to stay in their lights for obvious reasons and that they should not be out of them for more than like an hour...

I live in South Florida so I don't have to worry about the cold, but how long can they stay away from their lights for without causing any health issues? people really bring them around as much as it sounds ?Like can you bring them over a friends house for a few hours?Or is it safe 2 sit around and watch a movie with them for a while?


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They can stay out of their tank until they feel cold and they can come outside if it is around 80 to 100 degrees outside. The real sunlight is real good for them.


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I have taken Yaddle out for a whole day a couple of times. I live in Florida so it's easy just to take her outside while were running around to warm her up or I can hold her close to me to keep her warm.


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Its good to know they are not as delicate as some make them out to be, Like I said in the other post, one person said only take them out for 30min but no more then that...Maybe where they live its not always 78-80o like here in Florida :mrgreen:

And don't worry, Im not planing to keep mine out all day all the time and not give him the proper heating, If anything would just take a car trip here and there...nothing extreme.


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When the weather gets warm Rosie is out for hours he loves basking in the window and loves running around the house. I usually find him sacked out somewhere.


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One half hour in the sun gives them the same amount of UVB as an entire day in their enclosure. It has to be full-on, unfiltered sunlight, though. I can't wait for it to warm up enough to take my little guy on car trips!!


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I would love to take mine out for more then 30 minutes. Sadly, I live in Washington and it is rainy and cold constitally. Last year I was only able to take Daisy out for 2 hours outside before it got too cold.


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The biggest issue (I think) is that you shouldn't feed your beardie and then take it out of his viv the whole day. For digestion reasons.


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Really has long as you have them bask before and after eating, having them out for a day once and a while isn't gonna kill them. As long as there warm of course. I have taken mine on trips before and on long walls before, trips to the farm, or just a very long play in the house. Once and a while is not bad. As long as your not stressing the beardie out. My guys love when we go on trips and all of that.


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I've fallen asleep with Boba Fett on me, I think we were both out for about 2 hours before he jumped on my face and woke me up! he was still warm from being covered up and my body heat but that's the longest I've had him out. I put him back when he feels colder than normal.
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