How illegal are dubia roaches?


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Theoretically lets say you were to get caught bringing them to Florida, what kind of trouble would you be in? Furthermore, if you successful brought them in and home to make a colony, what would be the consequences if you got caught with a colony?

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IV. Prohibited: Any organism demonstrated to be or potentially capable of causing significant agricultural or ecological harm, becoming nuisances, or known hazards.
• Blattodea: non-native pet trade feeder cockroaches, including but not limited to: Blaptica dubia (dubia roach), Eublaberus posticus (orange-headed roach), Nauphoeta cinerea (lobster roach).
Man above charged with forgery, fraud, and introduction of pests affecting plant life.

Your lawyer fees will cost you more then it would to just buy silkworms for the rest of your beardies life.


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