How I got my guy to poop.


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I wanted to share how I got my beardie to poop. He didn’t go for about two weeks and I was starting to worry. He was still acting normal and his belly didn’t feel hard, so I wanted to try a few things before going to the vet.
My daughter made apple sauce that was just steamed apples she puréed. She got him to take a few bites with a syringe, but after two days, nothing.
He had baths every day this week, where I was gently using a toothbrush to massage his belly and today I decided to use the syringe to make a steady stream of water move over and over again near his vent. I was very careful not to get too close. I didn’t want to shoot water inside and hurt him, I just wanted the stream of water to touch him.
He pooped within 3 minutes of me doing it. I know it could be a coincidence, but I wanted to share just in case. I tried the same thing using my hands, but I really think the concentrated stream really stimulated him.
Sorry this is so long lol.

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Sounds like another little tip to add to the bag of tricks to get them to poo. :) That is a much discussed topic on beardie forums for sure ! Along with applesauce people also use canned pumpkin [ no spices ] baby food squash, prune or sweet potato with or w/out 1-2 drops of olive oil or raw honey. Then a warmer than usual bath can help as well or putting them in the sun where it's very warm .

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