How do you travel out of town with your beardie?

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Was just wondering how do you travel on a ten hour car ride with your bearded dragon? We currently live in North Carolina and are moving back home to Florida in March. He will be 11 months old then we have had him since he was 3 weeks old and it's been a journey of it's self that we wouldn't trade for the world! Just not quite sure how to transport him comfortably for a ten hour car ride?


People ship them everyday. They're in trucks and being passed along for up to 2 days.

I'm sure it'll be fine in a box. Just hydrate it before the trip. Give it some food, and don't worry about it


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I moved across the country with Grendel. I got her a little soft-sided critter carrier (like for guinea pigs or something). I made her a fleece blankie (granted, this was in February). If I had to smuggle her into a restaurant or motel, I'd put her in there, or if she got a bit wiggly, but she spent most of the trip out on me, with her harness and leash on, looking out the window. She's now a well-traveled beardie. :)


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We have moved several times with BD's. Get a small hard sided enclosure (or soft side if you must, hard is safer if something falls on it accidently) and make it warm depending on the season (blankets and heat packets well under the blankets where they can't be directly on BD skin). Remove all hazards like rocks, etc. that could fall on the BD, it is best to keep it very simple when moving in the crate.
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