How big did your bearded dragon get??

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I adopted a beardie off craig's list last spring. I was told it was a girl and it was about 2 years old, well turns out it was a boy and now i'm not sure how old it could be!
He was pretty malnourished and thin when I got him so I was wondering with all the TLC he is getting is there a possibility of him growing anymore? He is about 19-20" long and still a fairly lean-looking beast. The only adult beardie I knew was an 8 year old 25" big boy who my friend found on the street one day. How big are all of your full-grown beardies??


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Hmm so my boy is pretty big.. I need to find a way to weigh him! I have no idea how many grams he is :(


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Draco is a year and three months old and is 15 inches. I have to get a digital scale at the end of the month but I bet you he's a hefty boy. :) Hopefully he will grow just a bit more.


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Sparks is a midget compared to everyone elses! he is 14 inches and is a 1 1/2 yo. I wonder why??, he eats like a pig!


We have 7 dragons and here are their current stats:

Ember - 7 months, 18" and 380g
Delilah - 8 months, 20" and 450g
Astra - 14 months, 19" and 530g
Stripe - 14 months, 21" and 400g
Tiger - 1 1/2 years, 19" and 440g
Lily - 1 1/2 years, 17 1/2" and 360g
Rylan - 1 1/2 years, missing part of tail, 600g


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I have 3 beardies

Striker (M) 21" 445g 1.10 months old
Athena (F) 19" 477g 1.6 months old
Cleo (F) 16" 355g 7 months old

WaterDragon (M/F) 2 months old 15g 8"


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my girl Booger is 1 year old and 17", not sure on the weight, she outgrow the scale, but she still has time to grow more.
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