House trained Beardies??

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I was wondering if anyone has house trained their Beardies? Is it possible to to have them go back into their viv, aided by a permanent ramp, to do their business? I have had my beauty girls only two days and Daphne has dropped one on my hand, ahhh babies hahaha :oops:


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I don't think most of them would go back in their viv to do their business because like many animals they don't like defecating where they eat/sleep/live. However, my beardie Loki very often goes in the same spot when she goes (whether in her viv or out). Beardies may also go while they are getting baths, which can be a convenient way to handle it, because it's easy to dispose of and clean. :)


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My beardies are potty trained to poo in their baths, It's a part of the morning routine. Wake up time, warm up time, bath(poopy) time and then noms! Keeps the tanks clean and the clean up minimal!
My beardie is trained to get in and out of his cage. He seems to prefer to poop outside the cage. He lives in my room, and he'll wake me up in the morning crawling around and making a ruckus - I'll wake up and open his door, and he'll navigate his way down, do his buissness, and climb up into the window to bask. I catch him climbing back up into his cage all the time, when he needs to heat up or something. I should film it sometime to show its hillarious. It took a lot of training, I suppose, just letting him wonder around and figure it out :) supervised of course.


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mine always tries to go out of his tank to take a dump but i never let him seeing as i caught on. he tries to get as far away from his viv as possible to poop.


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My beardie prefers to poop in his tank. Sometimes when he needs to poop, he scrambles to his cage (its on the floor) and I put him back in and he does his buisness. The other day however, we were sitting on my bed and he did the butt wiggle, so I put him right back in his cage. He pooped right when I put him in, the little bugger. :roll:
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