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Hello all,, i have a problem with my beardie..
Last night checked, everything is all right, nothing happened..
then today i checking her,, there is a hole in her back near her foot..
What happened with her?? please help me..
what should i do...

Shot at 2012-07-30

Shot at 2012-07-30


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Oh My! Is your beardie housed with anyone else?
Was there a cricket left in there overnight?


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No.. just her,,
but there is still a cricket..
is this because a cricket bite??
so what should i do to help her??


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Ive never seen a cricket bite before. But that's all I can think of...... I know they will nibble on the beardies if you leave them in there overnight. A little midnight snack.
This can cause infection and scarring. Make sure you remove all the crickets when done eating.
What do you guys suggest? Iodine, Betadine...? I'm not sure.


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i have never seen cricket bite too..
i always left one or two crickets to my other beardie, but never happen like this..
so i guest i have to try betadine..
hope she will be okay..


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Some watered down betadine couldn't hurt. D: That looks horrible! I hope she is okay. I also heard something about neosporin- can anyone back me up on this?


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I did a bit of research, and it looks like there have been some similar cases- caused by crickets left in the tank.
They said to keep it packed with antibiotics and keep it clean.

At least it was caused by something that can be easily remedied. I feed in a different bin- maybe you can try that in the future?


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I guest i must do that,,
i dont want anything bad happen again to my beardie..
Thanks for the info..
d ^-^ b

Now i have covered it with betadine..
Hope this will work..


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Sounds like you are on top of things.
Just keep the wound clean, and don't let any crickets stay in the tank after your beardie is done eating.
Watch for infection.


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As everyone else said betadine and neosporin work great! NO peroxide.

Water down your betadine to look like weak tea. The off brand works just as good too just an fyi. Then apply a very thin layer of some triple antibiotic. Does she seem to notice its there? If she doesn't seem to act like it hurts I'm going to recomment gently pressing right around it with extremely clean hands to make sure there's no infection around it that will come oozing out.

I've never seen this before but by the looks of it, I'm wondering if maybe there was a bump/cyst there that burst leaving a hole. The cyst/bump could have been caused by a cricket bite.

How is she acting? Black beard?

If it doesnt seem to heal I recommend sending Tracie a pm. She's awesome and may have another suggestion.


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As a tip- If you suspect any crix might be hiding in his tank, put some dry cereal or cricket chow in a small corner, so they eat that instead of bothering your dragon.

I got a second opinion that said to put neosporin on it until it held up.

Keep us informed!
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