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Hi everyone,

I am new here but my partner @RangoRocky is not. My mom thought it was good idea to get me my own page. Although, we share a ig page together. If any of you have pages for your beardies please come follow us. A lil bit about me though…my parents got me March of this year and I was 4in long. I am growing everyday and is currently 7in long. I like eating roaches and sneak to eat my veggies. I’m quick so I can’t roam like Rango does but I love to be held. Here are a few pics of me for now and one with Rango.


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Hiccup he is 4 and Blaze is 2
Welcome please keep your dragons apart the older one will attack the baby- and possibly kill it or mame it -- are you housing them together?


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Rango Rocky Balboa
Welcome please keep your dragons apart the older one will attack the baby- and possibly kill it or mame it -- are you housing them together?
They are housed separately and hardly around each other. He was sleep that was how I took the photo.

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is my bearded dragons left side supposed to be hard, it’s right above its left leg in the back, it’s kind of hard? i feed it insects and greens. not sure if it’s normal or not? i can post pictures.
His first vet visit went well! Abelardo Texas looks good physically according to his new Dr.
Unfortunately, on the fecal it showed that he has Coccidia. Not a surprise honestly... he has been having diarrhea since I got him. I got Albon, F10, and a steam cleaner on hand.
I'm kinda freaked out, I heard coccidia is a beast to get rid of. Wish me luck! 😭
Sorry didn’t mean to post the last post was an accident, but I do have a question I have a 7 month old dragon, her name is Smaug and she will not eat her salad I have tried everything that I can, just wondering if anyone can help me because I’m stuck and I know that she should probably be eating them by now! If anyone can give me ideas that would be great!
Hello there I have Created a websites
Check and rate it Wearglam USA

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