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i was just givein a bd, named mushu , and i am learning
about them as fast as i can . he is so cool ! but i do
have a question about bathing how long do i let him
soak and do they allways poo in the water ?


Hi and congrats!
My little guy loves to soak as long as possible :)
I usually take him out when I feel it is getting a little too cool for him.
He never poos during bath time...
Though he often does right after I put him back in his house :D
Hope that helps!


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Welcome and yes many Beardies poop in their water, just dump / drain and refill with warm water. I am trying to teach mine to do that. It is so much easier than cleaning your Viv. When bath time is done you can just rinse out sink or tub and spray a little clorox or cleaner and rinse well with clean water :)


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Hello and welcome!!!! I usually soak mine for 15-20 minutes every other day, and pat them dry before putting them back in there viv!!



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Hi and Welcome to bd.org :D

I agree with the above posters. I'd just like to add, that if you put a washcloth in the bottom of the sink/container, it will give your little guy something to grip on to and also a sense of security.

Enjoy your new friend!


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Hello & Welcome to BD.org!

Look forward in seeing pic's. :wink:

All but one of my 9 beardies will go in the bath :mrgreen: easy clean up also makes for a clean viv. :wink:


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thank ya'll for the advice, i haven't been able to
get on the computer in a while , but mushu seems
to be adjusting pretty well here , and as soon as
i get some pic's will be posted, thanks agian .
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