Hi I am new and I need some help please

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Can you post a picture of the vent area and his mouth?

I would suggest using a soft washcloth, but . . . beardies can prolaspe internal parts out of their vent and if that is what you are seeing, it could damage him to rub it. Is it a protrusion, or just wiped poop? If its just poop, you could try cleaning him off with a washcloth after his soak, if something is protruding, he needs to be seen by a vet.


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Pic's would definitely help us to help you help your beardie.

Posting Pic's

First you must upload your pic's to a photo storage hosting site such as http://photobucket.com/
Once the pic's are at photobucket you can copy and paste the IMG code(4th choice below the pic's when you place your cursor over them) into your post a reply page. It will appear as a code. Click on the Preview button to see if it worked if you can see the pic then your all good an you can submit post.

If you'd like a better description check out the 7th post in this thread by jscott. He posted a great reply on posting pic's complete with visuals. [ Invalid URL Removed / p= t=89823 f=1 ]

If it is a prolapse you can soak in sugar water I've heard to help...but I suggest posting a couple of pic's first.
If you could include pic's of all the things you have mentioned an are worried about it would really help.


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I am sorry to hear about your beardies health issue.I cannot see or link to the photos so if you could use the photobucket method that would be great as there are several possibilities and a photo may help to narrow it down.The issues that are most likely casuing the problem here are mouth rot,fungal infection or yellow fungus.Hopefully with some photo's it would be easier to tell.Does he have any other area on his body where the scales look questionable?What color is the interior of his mouth?

There are a few general things we can do to make help him a little until we get a better idea of what is going on.First thing is stop the Neosporin for the moment.You want to dry the area out a bit so I would like to see you try witch hazel as an astringent with no neosporin first.Hopefully that will help the oozing.Make sure to clean it multiple times a day and I recommend NO partical sunbstrate whatsoever in the tank.Reptile carpet,papertowels or shelf liner(non adhesive)are all fine to use.You dont want the area getting more irritated by particals.

Is there any party of the mouth that is not affected?You can feed him some babyfood off a spoon if he will take it willingly however I am reluctant to have you force feed until I get a better idea of how much and how bad the areas in question are.

A few things I wanted to point out on some of your posts.First supers are an absolutely fine staple for an ADULT beardie.Many in fact will not eat crix as they get older and while it is totally fine to feed crix as long as they want them its not necessary if your feeding supers.You can also feed butters,silkworms,phoenix worms,goliath worms,etc.Also the reptiglo and the reptisun you are using are they linear,coil or compact?


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Hi there, you've been given some great info. Posting pictures would be very helpful so that we can rule things out.

I noticed that you're now using a digital thermometer with probe. Make sure the probe end is actually resting on the basking spot & that you wait about 45 min for the temp to stop rising before getting the final reading. Since he has been under cool temps lately, it would be best to slowly increase the temps and only having a basking temp of about 102 would be best for now and he may not be able to handle the 106 or higher at this time. What wattage basking bulb are you using & is it a bright white bulb or a colored one?

Please let us know what type the UVB is as that will help us know if it is a good or bad bulb to use. What is the distance from the UVB to him? Do you have the UVB and basking bulb alongside each other?

Using baby food like squash, green beans, peas with a little bit of chicken baby food mixed in and also thinned with a little bit of water would help him until he will/can eat on his own. You can also heat it up in the microwave to take the chill off & that will help make it more pleasing to him. You can try just putting drops on his nose for him to lick off or use a plastic spoon as Vicky suggested.

Have you been using calcium and vitamin supplements? If so, how often? You can even add a small pinch of one of those to the baby food mixture.

Please post pics in photo bucket and post here along with the things we need more info about so we can help further.


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Sorry about your dragon's mouth. I as well, am waiting to see pictures of his mouth.
I agree with Vicky, the only way to feed him is to use a plastic dropper or plastic syringe to drip food onto the end of his nose for him to lick off. I do not recommend using anything to force his mouth open since he already has a mouth injury right now.
Using an antiseptic like witch hazel, or tea tree oil will help to start clearing the bacteria up. The neosporin is good & should help with the infection.
Do you have any calcium for him?
There is also a cream called thermazene which is basically a silver cream & it is amazing stuff. You can get that from here:

I would try very hard not to peel anymore of the scabs off right now, unless they are naturally falling off on their own. Just to try & minimize anymore damage to those scales.
Try to keep his tank around 80 at night right now, with a ceramic heat emitter (no light) to help with his immune system. I do believe he may have mouth rot but from what, I don't know. Perhaps improper temperatures, malnutrition, or rubbing his snout on something repeatedly which damaged his scales & caused infection. I am very sorry he is in this state.
We will help you as much as we can.
Thanks Vicky & Diane. You got all of us! :D

Keep us posted on him.



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I apologize for calling in all the troops (probably any one of you would have been able to help) but the description made me go :shock: Thanks to crickest, Barbara, Vicky, Diane, Tracie for always being on call!


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LOL, you called in the reserves. We are always here (at least one of us) to help in any way that we can.


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Hey dont apologize for calling us in.Thats what we are here for and together we are more likely to help resolve the problem quicker :mrgreen: We are all here to serve :D


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You guys are so awesome. OK first the bulb i have is a reptisun 10.0 tube light that he came with i dont know if its still putting out UVB because i know you have to change it to keep its effectiveness. i did get him one of the reptiglo 10 compact flourescent bulbs but now that i know its bad i wont use it. he is in a 40 breeder tank with the tube light stretched across the middle and his hot lamp right next to it. i would say they are both about 7 to 9 inches above him. Im going t get him some baby food to feed him in about an hour or so. also the only time i ever pulled the scabs off was when his mouth was scabbed shut and he couldnt open it at all. i just woke him up for the day his night time temp was 81.2 and i just turned his lights on. his ambient was 90 yesterday and his basking spot was 106.2 last night before we turned his lights off. he looked ok. also hes been really dark the last couple of days but when i checked him just now he was more orangey and yellowy like he used to be as a baby. (thats what the last picture is of) heres all the pictures for you and sorry they are so crappy my puppy ate my camera so all i have is my cell phone.


ok thats his gooey nose...

that was the broken off horn thing

thats the side of his face with his hurting lips

theres his vent

thats another one of his lips

thats his noodley toes


the little on on top is him when he was a baby (the others are his cousins)


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Oh the poor thing :(
I am glad your taking him to the vet.Going off the pictures and adding the foot and the vent to the mix I am going to say my best guess is yellow fungus.The vet can give meds for the internal parts of the problem but I am going to give you the at home method on how to treat him externally.

First thing to do is to clean all the effective areas with witch hazel or tea tree oil(i like witch hazel),then your going to give him a betadine bath.To do this your going to start him out in a regular bath so he has time to drink whatever water he may need then your going to add the betadine until the bath looks like weak tea.After the bath I would like you to apply lamisil cream.Lamisil cream is a human product for athlete's foot and you can fint it in the pharmacy along with the betadine and witch hazel.
Also the thermazene cream Tracie recommended is great to apply in between the treatments as well.
This treatment must be done at least once a day.I also strongly recommend that you switch your substrate to papertowel and change it daily until he starts to heal.Also be sure to thouroughly clean out his enclosure and all his furniture to kill any of the fungus that may be present on his tank.
Keep us posted on his progress and let me know what the vet says.


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we gave him a bath and he drank alot. he only spit up a little bit instead of all of it. i was also able to get a syringe full of food in his mouth when he go angry and gaped at me. i tried putting it on his nose and he would just sit there. i didnt have any baby food. i made a mixture of kiwi dandelion greens freeze dried crickets super worms calcium spray and some of those bearded dragon pellet type food. i put it in the blender and liquified it. and put some of it in a syringe and just squirted it in. on tuesday im going to get that betadyne and the lamisil and witch hazel and clean him up with that and hopefully that will help him.

thanks for everything and ill be back with updates.


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I agree, it does look like yellow fungus. The treatment mentioned is very effective & it needs to be done at least once daily, if not twice. The thermazene is highly effective & will aid in the healing process so the scales will grow back better.
It looks like he was kept in very dirty conditions which is one thing that contributes to yellow fungus.
Be very careful when feeding him, that area is very damaged & is probably very painful to him as well. The slurry you made sounds very good though, so he should be getting some good nutrition that way.
I highly suggest that they do a skin culture to determine 100% prognosis of yellow fungus but I am pretty sure it is. He will most likely need an oral antifungal medication such as Itraconazole to help with the internal infection.

Let us know how he is doing.
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