Here is a picture of a female dubia laying an egg sack

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Can lats and dubia be together? LOL, why are some of you guys ( :roll: Sandy :roll: :lol: ) freaking out about touching them?


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i love this economy i lose my job the day i was going to buy roaches to restart my colony
time to go to the bank of mom :lol:


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im getting tired of superworms the big ones scare me i meen you can hear them bitting the tweezers :shock:


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I started this thread thinking "No Way" and "Not For ME". I have read every post on this thread now. i thought I would be totally freaked out by now but with all the picks and discussion I find I am not (totally) freaked.

I have just spoke to my hubby and the conv went something like this:

"I think we will be starting a roach colony"
"Urrgh, what?!"
"It will save us a whole heap of money"
"Oh" .. pause.. "ok"
"Do you want to see some pics? There's loads on this thread."
"Good Lord no!"

End of conversation :D

I was planning to buy a few at first as I have never tried my beardie on them. She has turned her nose up at all food (have to bribe her with babyfood atm) and it's cost me a lot of money. She is way too skinny now in my opinion and I am desperate to try something new.

Are there any beardies that have been nose not to like these roaches at all?


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Mine got lazy for a couple days since I had been giving her supers, but other than that 1 time, she's only turned away when she wasn't hungry. She's jumped a solid foot in the air to snatch a roach out of my hand before.


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LOL The thread that never dies, I love it. I remember when you first posted this Lance. Purely awesome that it's still alive today!!!

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