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So the power went out at my house a few days ago, and the temp inside my house probably dropped to the low 40's, maybe even lower. My beardy was acting very cold in the morning, so i drew a warm bath for him but Im worried it may have been too much. he started shaking so i immediatly took him out of the bath, but ever since he's been acting sluggish, clumsy, etc.
I also got him a new, larger tank since then, and Im thinking it could be nothing and i just dont have the temp quite perfect yet? anybody have any ideas whats going on?


Is the power back on? If not, you have to try and keep him warm. Wrap him in a towel (beardie burrito) and put him under your shirt. you can keep him warm when the power is out.


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Ok, yes my power is on, but he has gotten worse. so let me re-cap everything that has happened (its only been a span of a few days)
So the power went out the first night, and we stayed at the house. He got very cold so in the morning i drew a warm bath for him. when i put him in it he started to shake and his leg movements were very shaky. I immediatly took him out of the bath and wrapped him in a towel. After that he stayed at my friends house who had power for two days and *seemed* fine.
The next thing that happened i got a new, larger tank, and once i got him from my friends house put him in it. The tank was from a friend who had a beardie hybrid that had recently passed away from old age. I cleaned out the tank with windex before i put him in it, and all the windex was dry before i put him in it.
his symptoms are now this:
He's lazy, lying around and not getting excited about food
He is clumsy, climbing on his log, but unable to get off of it, rolling off the side and onto his back in order to get off
when i pick him up he wont lay flat, instead he will do barrel rolls until i set him down on my legs, after which he burries his head between my knees.
Im really worried that when i drew the warm bath it was too warm too quick and maybe caused brain damage? this is all happening very rapidly and i dont know what to do. Im worried I hurt my beardie :(


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Hello Matt,

Sorry to hear about your dragon. I am not sure how much of his behavior could be coincidental or related to something else. The cold weather could definitely make him lethargic, but I don't think that is enough alone to be causing those myriad of problems. It just might have been enough to have sparked some issues.
They can, in the wild, sustain temperatures of that magnitude actually. They are pretty hardy creatures & have evolved a long time.
You have done the correct thing in trying to get him warmed up. At the moment, begin rehydrating him with water & pedialyte mixture several times per day using a plastic dropper or a plastic syringe.
One question before we get into your tank setup is did he have food in his tummy prior to the power outtage? If so, he may have had undigested food in his stomach when he got so cold & it might not have set very well. So you have all of the power back on right now?
Could you tell us about your tank setup such as:
What type & brand of UVB light are you using, is it a flourescent tube bulb or a compact or coil light?
What type of basking light are you using, a bright white light or a colored light?
Do you use calcium supplementation?
How old is your dragon?
What are you measuring the temps with, a stick on type of thermometer, a digital probe or a temp gun?
What type of substrate do you use for the bottom of the tank?
What sized tank are you using?

The nighttime temps though for comfort should be maintained around 65 or 70 which can be attained by using a ceramic heat emitter which emits only heat & no lighting.

Please answer the questions so we can make sure everything is correct in his tank.

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