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my 4mnth old beardie has been acting strangly 2day! yesterday she was fine bt wen i went 2 feed the beardies this morning she didnt eat anything! the otha beardie is fine but speedy has been rubbing her head in the sand like she cannot hold it up bt i no she can coz she lifts it if somethin interestin is goin on! if i take her out she runs round and round my wrist goin upside down really fast then goes straight to sleep! the tail has gone dark aswell but there is nothing rong wif da tail. wen she is in the viv she lies on the floor not moving instead of in a basking spot wif spike. this type of thing has happend 2 her before but afta a gd nites sleep she got beta but this time it is much worse. does any1 hav any advice or no wat maybe causing it?


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Are they both 4 months old?
Maybe she is getting stressed by the other Spike? You may have to seperate them, each in their own enclosure. Is Spike doing ok?

Can you tell us about their set-up?


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yes spike is 4mnths old aswell.
i bought them 2gether but speedy(ill dragon) is alot darker than spike.
they have always been together and when they are handled they look for each other and when they are on the floor they stay together.
there set up is 4ft long 3ft tall and 2ft deep.
they currently have a sand substrate that only just covers a tiled floor.
they have a repti sun full spectrum lighting bulb across the top of the viv, they also hav a 5.0 uvb bulb and a reptisun day glow bulb.
the temp in the viv is 30 degrees celcius.
they have 2 heat mats one on the floor and 1 on the wall in the warm side of the viv.
they have hiding spots on both sides of viv.
plants to climb on and jungle vines and peices wood bought in my local repi shop so they have many basking spots to be seperate.
they are fed on either medium crickets or locasts sometimes also small mealworms.
small bits of peeled apple and strawberries occasionally as a treat.
also tried them on dried juvinielle agama food
they have a water bowl in their viv.


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my bds are exactly like yors. yesterday 100% fine. today black body head on the floor not even a cricket eatin. this happened before but like yo said he got better not today... please i dont want to lose another one :cry: :cry: :cry:


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The overall tank temp is 30c? What about the basking spot itself?
The basking should be around 43c for young beardies.
Do they drink out of the water dish?
Have you bathed the beardies? Maybe a nice bath would help. Luke warm water, up to their arm pits, a watchful eye kept on them to prevent drowning, for about 20minutes.
(I was thinking maybe she is a little dehydrated)

Hopefully someone with more experience will see the post and help out.


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yea the basking spot is 41c i 4got 2 put that.
they do both drink from the water bowl.
last time this happend it was the day afta they had a bath.
iv tried offering speedy water but nothing so got sum on my finger she usually licks it off but she didnt.
she is exactly the same this mornin although she perkd up 4 a while last nite.
spike has devoloped a slight cough bt i think its due to the massive locast he ate last nite before i cud catch it.


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Can you tell if she is getting ready to shed? I can't think of anything else it could be. Mine get a bit grouchy, lay around and stop eating when they are ready to shed.


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no she finished shedding last week.
she had a bath this mornin and was really fighting to get out of the water even tho she was on my hand and only from her stomach down was in the water as she really doesnt like water and hates baths.


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this morning i thought speedy was dead.
she was the blackest iv ever seen and bearly breathing.
i took her out and bathed her holding her head out the water while she sleeps for about 20mins with just a pinch of vitamin and calcium powder as i dnt no any other way 2 get speedy the nutrients she needs. she still isnt eating.
i am searching 4 a vet that could help bt i live in the middle of no where and still havent found 1 within 50miles.
plz any1 that knows anything to help let me no asap!!

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You do need to separate them, maybe you could put a divider in the tank so she can destress if something is bothering her.
What is your setup like? If her beard & her tail have been black for several days, you will need to get her to the vet. Something could be really causing her some pain, & it is hard to know if it is organ related without a bloodtest.
I realize how difficult it is to find a vet.
As far as the heatmats, they do not need a heatmat on the floor of the viv & on the wall of the viv. She could be getting way overheated & just not eating.
What are the temps in the tank? What do you measure the temps with?



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i measure temps with a digital probe thermometer.
it was only the tail that was black and it isnt anymre that only happened 4 a couple of hours while i brought her out and left spike in at that point she had stress marks too.
the viv is very big 4 them and the heat mats are on at nite to keep the temp rite.
i listed wat the set up is like earlier in the post sumwhere.
basking spot is currently 40c and the cool side is 32c.
i rang a vet and they said that it just seems she is exhausted.
she is currently awake and stading by the food bowl which has veggies and dried dragon food in. not sure if she is eating.
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