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We just bought a baby sunburst tangerine mix dragon. My kids are thrilled.
I did a fair bit of research before we bought him, but now I'm noticing everyone has a different opinion...
So I need help!
As a substrate we are using very very fine sand...and woodchips on top-I KNOW I KNOW-They can choke on the woodchips...He's been good about them so far-but he hates walking on them so I think I'm going to take them out.
We have all the thermometers and everything.
My question is lights and food.

1) What light sources do I need. His heat lamp (the porcelain dome thing) is only getting up to 84-Not enough-So I have to get a new bulb. What should I get?
2) I bought a UVB 10.0 Repti-Glo and then read all these people saying I might as well kill him now than give him Repti-Glo and that he needs Repti-Sun- Is this true? If so let me know.
3) He's eating his live crickets- but how do I get him to take crickets or worms from me personally. I want my kids to be able to feed him with tweezers occationally...I've dangled everything that moves in front of him LOL but he looks at it like i'm a freak!

I'm heading to the pet store soon and I feel like they have NO idea over there, and they're only in it to sell product.
He's really small and cute btw and his name is Steve- although we have no idea if he's a boy or a girl....


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For substrate, paper towels work best for babies because they go to the bathroom so much and paper towels are the easiest to keep clean. Tile, Reptile carpet, and non-stick shelf liner work great too. Sand is really dangerous for babies, and wood chips are even worse! You should really change it ASAP.
Aslo, what kind of thermometer do you have- Stick on or digital probe? If you dont have a probe, than you need to get one. Stick-ons can be 20*F off! You can get a digital probe one at Target or Walmart for really cheap.

1. Any house hold lightbulb will do. I use a halogen light for my viv, since they are the brightest and get the hottest. You will want your basking temp to be 105-110*F.
2. ReptiSuns are definatly the way to go! Using a ReptiGlo will just cause problems for your little guy. You can get a ReptiSun for $30 shipped at
3. When he is more comfortabel with you, Im sure you will be able to hand feed him. Just give him some time to settle in first. :wink:


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with my babies i use newspaper to start and tile when they are a little older.tile is nice because its super easy to kleen just spray and wipe it off. for lights i use regular clear bulbs from places like home depot. the clear ones are brighter and hotter then a standard frosted one and they are cheap. i have a few setups my 40 breeder tanks i run 100w bulbs on in the winter i have had to keep a towel over the top to keep it warm enough. the other setups i have are 4Lx2w and 2L wooden cages and those i only need a 75W bulb on. for a thermometor you will want a digital one not a stick on. i like the acutemp ones you can get at walmart for $12 they work great because they will read temps in 2 places at once the hot end and the cool end. for uv i like the reptsun bulbs pet mountain is the best place to get them if your cage is 40 or larger you can do a megaray thats $56 with shipping and that heats and gives uv but either would be ok. as far as feeding goes it will just take your beardie a bit to get used to you with mine i deleg the bugs put them in a bowl and keep your hand in there so it gets used to you while it eats works for me anyway all my reptiles eat from my hands ( well everyone except my boa constrictor i learned a very painful lesson about not using tongs to feed him yesterday!) good luck with your new beardie!
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