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Hello! I have a few question regarding how everyone does their set up for their caterpillars. I am currently in the stages of getting my moths to lay eggs. However I am coming across an issue making the feed cups for when the eggs mature into the caterpillars. If anyone has any ideas on how exactly to affix the gutter guard into the plastic cups for the food. Any help would be amazing, thank you guys so much. :D

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The ones that are shipped to me usually have the plastic ladders stapled to the bottom of the cup, then the food is poured in over that and left to set. Once set, the cup gets filled with the hornworms then inverted with the holes punched in the lid for ventilation. If you can't staple it, perhaps you could punch a couple of small holes and feed thin twine through and use that to tie down the plastic ladder. When the food is set, it should keep it all in place too.

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