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We just adopted this beautiful beardie female around 2 yrs old. We picked her up this last December 2023. I had her labs drawn because the end of her tail was turning black, the vet ran a full blood profile. She said she had a difficult shed and also the concern with her high calcium count and suggested a full neuter. I just saw the full lab panel and this is what is indicated, she has low WBC 4640.00, Basophil High 19.0, Bile Acid <35, and Calcium of >20.0. She would typically only ever eat 2 dubia roaches a week typically we feed her the protein on Sunday with tri color greens through the rest of the week. I had her treated for parasites, and I noticed her UVB light was only a 5.0 which I just changed over to a 10.0 UVB light. The vet said she had some tremors which we never noticed , but after started to see them. Not really strong only mild. We changed her bulb and we have noticed she is more active, she is eating like she is starving now, and she had 5 dubia roaches yesterday. The vet originally suggested to have her fixed neutered, 2000.00 is too much money and I feel like I cannot commit to a surgery. Any suggestions on what these labs indicate. Other than that she is a beautiful sweet soul and I would like to keep her for a long time.


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i'll tag tracie. she's a vet tech but on pretty late at night. she can go over the labs with you. @Drache613

did the vet mention the reason for the surgery?

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Is your girl developing eggs & or already has eggs?
It sounds like the vet is wanting to spay her but that is quite high on the price.
Is she having any health problems right now or has she been ill?
The calcium is high due to her egg production right
now. The Bile acids are a little high, meaning her liver
is working a little more than normal. Did they do x-rays to determine egg placement?
The white blood cell counts are low, probably due to
having a mineral or vitamin deficiency. Has she had
a black beard recently?


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