Help? Sandfire & red breeders. Needing guidance.

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Thanks for reading. I've been researching a bit too long, perhaps. I've had a complete setup for a while now. We're talking edible cuttings that have been repotted & are now large enough for an adult, carving enough faux rocks to start an account on & being on a first name basis with most of the folk at my local herpiphile supply store (locally owned). I'm ready.

The question: Do any of you wonderful people know of a good small breeder with a generation or two of reliable/known bloodlines? Any tips will be greatly appreciated. Reds, sandfires, any kind of brilliant color variant are more than welcome. The citrus & translucent varieties aren't what would be best for me, but good contacts may be helpful for those surfing the forums. I'll try to put put my email in here, if that's permissible: altrya at gmail dot c0m.


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We have a line of Red & Red Orange babies that the mom is 3rd generation and the dad is 2nd generation. I feel like a great grandma!

Oasys is the mom, her parents are our own Eymu x Demyn, Eymu is from my partners Mai x Deigo, Demyn is from Tammy at draggintails, Ostara x BB. Vegas is the dad, he is from our Embyr x Vyllyn.

I also have Audym x Vyllyn, Audym is from my last years Maya x Spyke, Maya is from a good friend Rob who has awesome dragons at All About Beardeds.


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There are a few established breeders on this site. As a breeder there are many I would and have dealt with in the past. Feel free to click the dragon on my banner and it takes you right to my site.


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I have seen Rioreptile at some reptile shows and they have very nice looking dragons. Plus I've browsed through Tom's site a lot and he has some beauties also. The two mentioned above are great :mrgreen:


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Good for you for actually doing your research and taking your time! Check out fauna classifieds for breeder ratings too.
Also, if you have local reptile shows it might be worth a trip to go.
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