Help! Rot/Fester-like thing on the roof of his mouth

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Hiccup he is 6 and Blaze is 4
some updates
Seems Huahua is still having dehydration. We started to feed him liquid food per vet's suggestion
Meanwhile we are waiting on the stool and blood test
Have you tried using a eye dropper to give him water?


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New updates:
Huahua's stool test is good
But his blood test is concerning. Though his dehydration level has decreased (still somewhat dehydrated though), he is now suffering from many other elevated health risks.

All of the elevated health risks are pointing to potential fatty kidney (his blood contains a high amount of fat and his CK, LDH, AST, BA and TRIG readings indicate kidney or heart related issues.)

For more background, he only had almost half of the above problems (CK, LDH were a bit high) on the previous blood test a couple of weeks ago. the only things happened between the 2 tests are:
- I gave him antibiotic per vet's prescription
- I've been feeding him a lot of superworms to help him recover (totally my own idea)

Those superworms indeed recovered his strength and made him much more vigorous, but they might have incurred kidney damage due to the amount of fat introduced.

Starting from now I will only give him liquid food per vet's recommendation. And I will bring him to another blood test in 2 or 3 weeks

I think at this point I kinda figured out what has been going on:
1. Huahua was first dehydrated
2. Dehydration caused kidney to not function properly
3. First blood test (dehydration, kidney/heart muscle issues: CK, LDH high)
4. I started to feed him superworms in big amount
6. Second blood test (decreased dehydration, elevated kidney/heart muscle issues: CK, LDH very high, AST, BA, TRIG became a bit high too)

If in the future, I successfully root-cause everything and come up with some health tips, I will come back to this thread and let everyone know

I want to thank everyone here for your input and care. May you, your families and your pets all have healthy and happy lives
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