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My rescue beardie passed away this past Saturday May 1, 2021. I have an appt to get him cremated on Tuesday.
I have no idea what to do until then. He is gently wrapped in a blanket in a shoebox in his terrarium. Do I need to do anything to help preserve him longer till Tuesday? I’m very new to this and still very upset. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

AHBD Sicko
I'm really sorry to hear this and would like to offer my sincere sympathy to you. :( I do want to mention that you might be better off burying him in the yard. By now he will be starting to decompose and that's [ sadly ] a health hazard to you and the smell can be really bad. If you had wrapped him in several plastic bags right away you could have frozen him, or asked if the vet could have frozen him. So I would bury him in a nice spot and just cherish the pictures you have of him. Again, I offer my condolences to you.

beardie parents Sicko
I agree. We have lost a few beardies over the years, thankfully it's been several years ago. What we did then is to put them in something (don't remember what it was after all this time) but we buried them in our yard. I have heard of other people (from here years ago) that did the same thing when their beardies had died because of age or illness.
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