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Help! New Beardie Owner And I think mine is sick.


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Ok the 94 temp is ok watch and see where he basks the most for those temps and let me know about the behavior w/ the UVB here -- it shouldnt take long to show
This is how I laid the light on top. His tree ranges from 6-8 inches under it


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Is your new fixture a t5 or a t8? If it's a t5 it should take a 22", I believe the t8 is a 24". If it's a t8 it's going to have to go inside, under the screen.


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You are using the T5 reptisun 10 tube correct, if that's what you bought based on the picture?
I am sure he will love the new light!
As far as a basking light, you can use a PAR 38 halogen flood bulb, since it is a bright white light. It emits a good amount of
heat & is safe.

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