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Our bearded dragon is attacked by our cat. Hard for him to walk or catch a cricket/worm now. No reptile vet is open until Monday. What should I do to let him ease his pain?


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@Drache613 this is a vet tech and who I get all my supplements from. She may know how to help with a little more info? Are there visible injuries? Open wounds? Do you have pics ? What you mean he can’t walk or get crickets? He’s limping ? She may be able to give you advice but she will need to know more, video maybe

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So sorry to hear about your dragon, is his beard black from stress?
I hope you have him secured, where your cat cannot get to him again.
We do need some specifics, can he move, did his head get bitten, etc?
Cat bites or attacks are oftentimes fatal, but if no bites are present then
he may end up being ok.
Pictures & video would be helpful. Can you post pictures of his tank setup
as well?


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