Help! Larvae, or some kind of infestation?

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Hi all, been a while since I've posted on here.

My mom brought my home a container of horn worms from the Petland by me, and since they usually come with little poop pellets, I don't think she noticed anything weird about all the little things clinging to the sides of the container...

These are what I found on there. Sorry, they're the best quality pictures I could get as they're super small:





Should we bring these back ASAP? I thought it could be some kind of infestation, but upon a Google search, it looks like they could be larvae... in which case, I have a ton of future feeders on my hand!

We called and the guy said they should be fine, but my experience with pet stores isn't a good one, and I'm not about to take his word for it.

Please let me know!


In my experience, those look like fruit fly larve/eggs. I've had them infest my superworm colony before when it was humid and there was fresh food around

Don't take my word entirely! The pictures just look very similar to what I've seen before, though I could be completely wrong. Hornworm babies generally don't look like that though


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No, I was hoping they were larvae so I'd have a colony of hornworms on my hands lol! But I just returned them and got my money back and bought fresh ones. Not messing with that crap. :puke:


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I've been fighting through a nasty case of fruit flies, and their larvae/eggs look just like that. You did the right thing, and may have dodged a bullet because they are a pain to get rid of.
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