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HELP! Is this yellow fungus?


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My last beardie’s shed was rather rough for him, it took about 3wks for him to shed. At some point, somehow this area on his belly got pulled off early (not sure if it got caught and ripped or if he stepped on the piece that was hanging). When I first noticed the spot, it was still really fresh and moist, indicating that it was raw. The same thing happened in a small area on his side, too. The area was sensitive to him for a bit but it doesn’t seem to bother him now. It is now yellowish/grey, though. Does this look like yellow fungus or is it just healing? He does have a few scales on his back that appear as if they didn’t shed fully in this last shed, and they’re crusty. I have taken preventative action and just got some anti fungal cream to put on these places to be on the safe side. I have done some research and found that more times than not, antibiotics prescribed by the vet make the fungus worse and that applying ointment and doing betadine soaks should be effective.


BD.org Sicko
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That doesn't look like yellow fungus to me. I would just keep an eye on it, keep it clean, and hopefully it will heal over (and shed if needed). If it starts to look worse, post an update though.

In the case of YF, the best treatments tend to be a combination of topical antifungal meds along with Voriconizole administered orally.


BD.org Sicko
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I agree, it doesn't looks like yellow fungus but just old or dry shed. It should eventually shed
off & be a different color.
You could give a few extra baths to see if the skin would work itself loose a little quicker.

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