Help? Don't know if eggs are fertile

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Sooo story... I KNOW I have a female panther gecko cause she laid eggs about 6 months ago but I knew they were infertile cause no male. Fast forward to a month or so ago. My female was just really depressed and never came out so I bought a new baby to keep her company. No clue if male or female and I know what could happen if male. This new guy is still a baby as in half the size of the female... could it still get her pregnant??? She laid two eggs today. I think she might have another one in her from the way she was acting.

Is there a way to tell if they are fertile or not?

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How much larger is your female than the new baby? I would be very careful housing different sized geckos. While they are not large lizards, they can still injure each other.
Being as young as he is, if he is male, I doubt that he would be physically mature enough or sexually mature enough to be able to mate with her, no. Their hemipenes are not fully developed as well as their retractor muscles either.
How many eggs has she laid now, in total? What do the eggs look like? If she has not been with a male, then they are most likely infertile.



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Thanks for the info - they collapsed the next day so I figured they were infertile. He's about 2/3 the size of her... or he could be a she also. I've only found them being mean once since I put them in together, most of the time they are snuggling together and don't like being seperated.
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