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Help building new vivarium


Original Poster
I got the glass doors in! Attaching the piece that goes onto the bottom of the glass was extremely difficult. I had to shave off the sides of the rubber gasket to be able to fit the aluminum "H" piece on. Then I had to take a rubber mallet and bang it on. Thankfully I did not break the glass. I had seen reviews online of a similar product where people had the same issue, but I was hoping to avoid it by getting a different brand locally. Oh well.

Now I can move everything over to the new enclosure including Beardsley!



Original Poster
It's finished! The kids helped me decorate inside a bit. I think Beardsley likes it. He explored for a bit and then pancaked on the basking spot.

I'm actually surprised with how cold it is inside the vivarium with as little ventilation as I put in. On the cold side and under the shelf it's 70deg. The basking spot is just over 100deg. The outside air in the basement is 64deg. I'm wondering if I should turn on the CHE during the day also.

My wife is going to help me build some false rock decor that will probably replace the shelf. For now, I think this is a pretty good setup.

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