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Help! Black beard, not eating, throwing up, swollen beard?


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I am new to this forum so I apologize if a thread like this exists anywhere else but I am desperately trying to find answers.

I got my beardie Sundance about 7 months ago (I am assuming he is about 9 months old) and have had no issues with him until about two weeks ago. Two weeks ago was the last time he shed and his tail and beard grew substantially (which I didn't think anything of). Around this time he also started to black beard for the first time since I have owned him which I wasn't very concerned with since I read that males can do this a lot in the Spring especially at this age.

Things went downhill very fast. Last Monday and Tuesday he had almost a consistent black beard and had a decreased appetite. These two days he was able to poop but it was smaller than usual. One day he pooped twice one solid the other completely liquid with a urate that was mostly yellow? Tuesday he ate a few crickets and a large hornworm that I had to cut up since it was bigger than usual. After this and on Wednesday he has not eaten anything. He has been alert and when taken out of his tank he will run around like usual but want to be put back in his tank pretty quickly and acts lazy/lethargic. From Wednesday - Friday he had not eaten anything and only pooped once (one liquid one solid like mentioned above). He also has had an almost permanent black beard / black tip of his tail (even in his sleep). I called the Vet on Thursday because I was very worried and they couldn't get me in until Saturday morning.

The vet did an exam and told me that because of the size of his beard she thinks he has a double aneurysm and that he may have to be euthanized in the near future. Which has been absolutely devastating to think about these past few days. She did not have an alternative diagnosis and said he was either "fine" or had the aneurysms. He has always had a pretty prominent / saggy beard even since he was little so I am just not entirely convinced. They also did a sonogram when he was there and she said that there was still blood flow and no blood clots/pools of blood so she wasn't 100 percent certain but was thinking that's what it was. They also "felt around his stomach" and said there weren't any lumps / thought his stomach and digestion were fine. They gave me pain meds and a powdered food to give him each day and I have been doing that for two days but this morning he threw up a decent amount and has been so lethargic... there are two reptile vets in town and no one was able to see him today the earliest he can get in is tomorrow. The vet I have been working with also didn't seem terribly concerned about this and said he would be fine until tomorrow.

Also, something else I was very concerned about and told the vet was two Saturdays ago he snuck under my foot when I was getting up off the couch and I lightly stepped on him (not sure where) he acted annoyed for a minute but then after was acting "fine". I am not sure if this could attribute to anything? The vet wasn't concerned by this.

I am wondering if anyone has any thoughts on other things that could be going on for him? I am taking him tomorrow to the vet and I asked if he could have an x-ray done but I am not really sure what else it could be or what to look for. I really appreciate any thoughts. Thanks so much.
Hi there,
did the vet run a basic check up on your beardie? (Coprology for parasites, RTG for any foreign objects in his stomach, blood tests for organ failure)
Any chance your beardie got stung by some kind of insect?

If not, please find a vet who specializes in reptiles also would you mind posting a couple of pics of your beardie? I'm kind of curious about the enlarged beard.


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This something that needs to be addressed by Tracie our vet tech mod --- please post pics of the dragon tank and lighting and any copies of work done by the vet you saw -- if you haft to have them email them to you
https://www.beardeddragon.org/useruploads/ click on XIMG at the top of the message box then click on the pic it should post
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