Help! Belgian Endive?

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Hello. I’m trying out new greens for my beardie. He usually eats turnip greens and collards with the occasional mustard greens. Today, however, I bought dandelion greens and Belgian endive. I’ve never fed either but I heard dandelion greens are a good staple. It’s the Belgian endive I am unsure about now that I’ve been researching. The endive I bought are the hearts of the plant (like the picture below) not the tops. I took a couple leaves and chopped them up along with collard and dandelion greens. Is that ok to feed my beardie? Or do I need the endive tops? Or the other kind of endive (English, I think)? Thanks in advance for your help.



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I'm feeding mine endive this week. It's on the approved list and is actually supposed to be one of the better vegetables for them.


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Thanks, guys. I did get the idea for endive from the beautiful dragons site but then I googled how to prepare the endive and I ran into posts on another forum that said it shouldn’t be the Belgian endive like the one I got but rather the green tops of the curly endive. The beautiful dragons site doesn’t differentiate so I figured either type of endive would be ok but now I’m not sure. I just want to know others feed the Belgian type without problems.


I’ve been feeding my beardie for over 6 months with the yellow Endive you posted. He’s doing fine and is almost a year old. When she started 6 months ago, she only ate small amounts. Now she loves it and it’s her favorite.
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