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I feel awful. I let my beardie out to run around and didn’t see the ring sitting on the floor before he did. He ran right for it and ate it. It’s approx womens size 6 gold ring, smooth band with no sharp edges ect. Is there any change he may be able to pass this? Anything I can do from home? Please help guys. Thanks :(


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i literally have no solid answer for you. my thoughts are it being a smooth band is a small plus. if it was my boy i'd get him into a vet just to be safe.


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I agree with hdochow. The fact it is smooth means less chance of damaging the digestive tract, but I would be worried about it being stuck and at least causing a bad impaction. Vet visit would be my first instinct.

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Well, that has never happened here on the forum, that I can remember hearing about! Since it is
smooth, that is definitely better than something being sharp or ragged. I do have to agree though,
the size might be an issue so it is a good idea to take him into a vet.
All you can really do is to give extra oral fluids, more softer foods, etc with a few drops of olive or
coconut oil a few times per week to potentially help out.

Let us know how he is doing.

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