HELP! Bearded ate wax

So when I let my beardie on my desk, she saw a little wax and I noticed and so I tried to grab it, But then My beardie ate it. It wasnt a lot but I dont want it to harm her . will she be alright?

KarrieRee Sicko
Beardie name(s)
Hiccup he is 4 and Blaze is 2
I am gonna Upgrade her tank in a few weeks for a 75 gallon tank because currently she is in a 30 and I told Tracie I was going to upgrade her tank when she gets bigger
That's why she's glass surfing- did you get your lighting and basking temps situated? It is hard to keep temps in smaller tanks and incorrect uvb will also cause this behavior

AHBD Sicko
How much was it, say compared to a dime or other coin ? If it was just a tiny bit it will probably pass through. How big is Hazel ? The amount of wax and size of your dragon is important.

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I need help my bearded dragon is acting strange when she eats its like she doesnt feel her tongue she walks in a very strange froggy way not like she used to
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