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Yes, funerals can stir up so many emotions, I'm glad that you saw family that you maybe hadn't seen in a while to [ hopefully ] comfort each other. And it's great that you got the new uvb tube + fixture, it produces much better rays of uvb which is much healthier for the dragon. Sorry that I haven't posted, I'm not getting notifications on any threads when there are new comments.


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Rathian is going through her second shed, gotten bigger.... shes about 2 months old now, so I am hoping this will help her with what ever she is dealing with. If not lessen it, slow it down. The deformity in her lower back cant be comfortable with her hip hiked up like that. I have been hearing no new patients are being taken in by vets in my area. Tried to find a closer one to us and either booked months out or not taking new ones. I am happy she eats her bugs like a beast, poops are normal and is still active. A friend said to surrender her to petco or petsmart but I wouldnt trust big cooperate with her. Shes content I hope, no arm wavies or head bobs yet.


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Thanks for the update ! One thing to remember is that it's always a good thing when they eat and have regular b.m.'s, if she was in pain she would lose her appetite and digestion would be very irregular. Hopefully she won't get any worse, some degree of deformity can be well tolerated.

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