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Hello everyone!

We have a 3 month old beardy called Turbo. We've had him about a month now. He belongs to my step daughter who is almost 10.

We're all still learning about this little fella who is quite a character.

Right now he's going through a skin shed which is fascinating!

Trying to understand him is proving to be harder than we all thought. So far I've noted the following:

- Seems to be very unsociable. Doesn't want to be handled easily, and often glass surfs.
- He isn't a water bather, and doesn't seem to enjoy a bath when it's time for tank cleaning (usually once a week, we remove poo frequently as we use paper on the floor)
- Only seems to like lettuce when it comes to veggies, and kale when we have some floating around.
- Some days he'll have no black beard, and some days he will for no reason.
- Likes to hiss at me after lights out if I approach the tank, though seems to fall asleep within a few minutes of them going out.
- Enjoys crickets a lot and is fun to watch. He goes crazy at the glass for them when we get them out.

Ideally right now I am looking to try and understand how to make him feel more comfortable when it comes to handling him. He likes to stare at you and watch you and today he did some tongue action at me but other than that won't really let any of us approach him.

Any ideas?

Thank you!




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Beardie name(s)
Hiccup he is 4 and Blaze is 3
Welcome Turbo and crew
Your dragon is going thru relocation stress and will need time to adjust to his tank and surroundings I would recommend less handling and work on hand taming him by feeding some BSFL order large http://www.symtonbsf.com -- they are a great staple feeder feed as many as you want and DO NOT dust them-- add those to the tops of his salads and please NO more lettuce --- http://www.beautifuldragons.com/Nutrition.html ignore the kale thing its a good staple feeder - feed first thing in the morning you want him eating salads now even if a little bit --- then add your staple feeder like a hr or so later - his diet should be 20% salads and 80% bugs - I recommend getting him on dubia roaches --- http://www.dubiaroaches.com you will need a dish like a ceramic or glass to keep the BSFL in one like this
your UVB is on the back wall of the tank - what tube is it? T 5 or a T 8 and the brand please ? This is extremely important for the over all health of the dragon along w/ the basking temps - and those need to be taken w/ a digital probe thermometer stick ons are inaccurate 105-110 for a baby -- please make sure your dusting the insects / bugs 5 x per week ONCE per feeding w/ calcium D3 and vitamins w/ beta carotene 2 x per week ONCE per feeding lightly coated -- if you need more help please ask

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