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Chameleons require a variety of plants in their enclosure to provide climbing surfaces, cover, and hiding places.
  1. Ficus trees - provide good climbing opportunities and cover.
  2. Hibiscus plants - offer a good source of foliage for hiding and climbing.
  3. Pothos vines - are easy to grow and provide a dense foliage for hiding and climbing.
  4. Schefflera plants - provide a great source of foliage and hiding places for chameleons.
  5. Dracaena plants - offer good coverage for hiding and climbing.
  6. Sansevieria plants - are sturdy and can provide hiding places for chameleons.
  7. Aloe vera plants - offer some cover and can also provide hydration for chameleons.


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Hello i am new to this forum and from my intro i want to ask which are the best plants for chameleons
Hi there ! You got some good advice from Jubloo on the plants, what type of chameleon do you have or will you be getting ? If you want to discuss chams. you can go to general reptiles discussion here.



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Welcome to the forum. We would love to see some pictures of your chameleon and the set up when you get it all squared away, :)


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Hazel my female two year old beardie
Welcome to the forum. Although this is a bearded dragons page, there is one forum where you can talk about other animals. Send pictures of the chameleon!

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