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This is Bandit. I've had him for about 3 months. I'm a new bearded dragon owner with lots to learn. I do a LOT of online research concerning taking care of Bandit and I bought a course on how to take care of bearded dragons. I have discovered that I thoroughly enjoy having a bearded dragon around. He seems to be developing a very interesting personality. He is about 10" long and has recently completed his first shed. I handle him every day and he seems just a little tamer each time. We are living in a small camper right now which is perfect for his "taming". I let him come out of his cage and he goes directly to the sunny window. He lets me pick him up now without getting too skittish. He seems to be healthy, but every now and then, he will do something I wonder about and I go straight to Google. It's great to have a forum where I can go and discuss these things with others who know all about these creatures.


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Congrats on your baby, he is a real cutie! Hope all goes well, feel free to ask lot sof questions it sthe only way to learn, and pictures are always welcome! :)
cute dragon, the only thing wrong is your setup...they can't have vertical setups, they grow long and need to be on their feet. they're semi arboreal and don't need all that climbing space. just fyi :)


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Thank you for the welcome and advice. I will certainly work on plans for a horizontal home. For now, vertical is my only option because we are in a camper, but in a couple months, we're going home and that's where we will set up a nice horizontal home. I'm open to any suggestions about the best type of living space for him. I want him to be a happy dragon :)
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