Hello from Andy and Berko the Beardie

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Hello my name is Andy,

I have a dragon named Berko and I'm pretty sure he is a boy. He is a foot long and is probably around 10 months old. He doesn't like me very much but we are working on that. I get him out for about 30 mins to an hour each day to try and gain his trust. I got him from petsmart so I know his age plus or minus a month or two. He likes to eat pretty much anything. I think his favorite green is kale, i think he likes the smell. He is quite skittish and likes to show of his big mouth when i go to hold him but hopefully in a month or two he will like me a little more. So here he is...



Helping mommy with home work

Berko is a ravens fan but we where watching the Skins game


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hi andy! no, the pictures aren't working. i just checked and it looks like you have the pictures set to private on flikr. try making them public and see what happens.


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man, flickr sure doesn't make it very easy to share your pictures unless it's on their terms. i ended up having to go into the page source in order to find the true url's for the pictures. if you want to make an easier time of it in the future, photobucket is really good at giving you the exact code to copy and paste into your posts here. anyway, here are the pictures you were trying to post :)





cool pictures btw ;-)
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Okay lol so as I was told my baby was a boy when I rescued him hehe well I took him to my vet and was advised he is a she ! I was thinking of renaming her to Virgo from Toothless any suggestions for names 😊🥰
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