Hello and thank you from Rajah and I


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Rajah present day.
The lazy sweet potato leg pose. Rajah is still on a diet he gets insects only once a week atm and eating his veggies really well. He’s just a big lizard. He just turned two years old in June, thank you for watching him grow up with me! ??. Rajah is now over two foot long. I need to measure him again for an exact but he’s certainly bigger than the last time I measured him almost a year ago at 24”


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Rajah started full brumation in January and is finally showing some signs of life today. He hasn’t eaten since January and I dragged him out occasionally for baths and made him drink water. Today he finally emerged and ate some Dubias. Happy to see his pumpkin face again!


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Look at this little ?... he's getting darker. Little leggies and tail going to shed shortly. He's getting better about being handled but still wriggles and scratches sometimes. Seems to like his head stroked and the sides of his head. Usually settles down after a few moments...would prefer to not have weird little beardie scratches all over my hands though!!
Love this pose! What a ham.


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Rajah the giant orange pumpkin king is gonna celebrate a birthday soon 🎂👑! Hope everyone is doing well! Here’s a photo from today.


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Rajah finally couldn’t fit in the ever popular green rock corner hide, he now has the biggest thing I can find and I’m happy to report he’s very satisfied with his new xlxl rock hide


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Beardie name(s)
Hi everyone, I just wanted to thank you all for providing so much valuable and detailed information. I bought Rajah a couple months ago at the end of June from a large chain petstore as I didn't know any better. He was only a couple weeks old and 3 inches and malnourished looking. ?. I was talking to a teenage employee who didn't seem to know anything about them. But I had raised a turtle so I knew enough to get the right equipment and found this site immediately helpful with the proper lighting and feeding. So Rajah has always been a huge eater. Like he eats many times a day. He was raised on live tiny crickets and after a few weeks I switched to Phoenix Worms, which I love. He goes through 400 every two weeks as well as crickets and silkworm pupae and small super worms on days I'm waiting for Phoenix worms. Still won't eat his greens but I make him a salad every day and also feed the wormies. He goes to the bathroom every day. Anyways Rajah is now three months and one week old and because of all the great advice he is not only thriving but he is enormous. He is pushing fourteen inches. He does have a long tail, and his head is two inches wide. He's my baby and I am so happy to have this site as a resource. ?
Here are some photos including one from a week or so ago, excuse the shed in progress. He's a very interesting orange color with stripes, hence his name ?.


He looks health, and gaining good weight! Beautiful guy!


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Rajah adjusting well after I moved a few weeks ago, at first he was staying in his hide a lot but now he’s out and about like usual. I enticed him out with a 100 count black soldier fly larvae which he ate ten at a time and finished in 2 minutes, but he loves them. Lol. They’re a treat for him now.


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