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Heating situation

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So the pacific northwest winter is steadily approaching. And I am looking for some opinions related to ceramic bulb heaters for Alduins tank. Any suggestions or comments are more than appreciated. Thanks again.


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A suggestion, during the night use an infrared bulb, if you expect the room the tank is in to get cold. The infrared will add the needed heat, but will not effect your beardies sleep.


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I have to disagree, 'night' lights can be seen by beardies. It will disturb their sleep. Ceramic heaters are the best for night heat.

I live in the Seattle area....and temps are dropping, and we don't always leave the heat on at night.

Draper has a 75w ceramic heater hooked up to a thermostat. Wen the temp dips below 70, the CHE turns on and heats until it's about 75-78, then turns off, so it only runs at night when it's cold. We set up the CHE in the corner where he sleeps the most.

Both the CHE and thermostat are ZooMed products we bought from Amazon.
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