Heating for 48"x24"x18" viv

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I just recently built my beardie a new home out of wood.
It is 48 inches long, 24 wide and 18 tall.
There is a large rectangular ventilation area on the top so I can place the bulbs on top and that's a factor to take into consideration when deciding on how high of a wattage to get for this viv

I live in Boston, MA. We get hot summers and freezing winters and winter is on its way and I want to prepare ahead of time. My house will get below 50 degrees in the winter (heating only in occupied bedrooms).

What wattage ceramic heat emitter should I get to keep his cage in the winter at a minimum temp of 60? (So to prevent brumation)
What wattage heating bulb should I be using for this size cage?

I currently use a 100w in his 20-30 gallon tank and its perfect for him. ~98-100* basking and ~75-80* cool side (I have a temp gun)


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Can you post a picture of your tank setup?
Are you wanting to keep the tank temperatures around 80 overnight with the ceramic heat emitter?
How old is she/he?

I think probably 65 or 75 watt would do fine with that sized tank.

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