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Brindle and Bob
I am planning on totally upgrading my beardies 4x2x2 enclosure with all new lights and background which will require a total dismantle of enclosure. I am just wondering if she will be ok for a couple hours without heat and uvb while I do my upgrades


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He will be totally fine. When I did the rebuild, Luis even did spend a night out of his cage (with the room temperature set to 80°F, obviously).
If you are worried you may be able to hang a light fixture onto something. For example, I fix his spare mvb to my desk while he's running free, so he can warm up when he likes to...


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Brindle and Bob

I concur, he will be perfectly fine. Perhaps he can help with the renovations? We will expect some
pictures once you are done!

Here are a couple of pics of the completed upgrade. Her tank now looks just like her big brothers and is equipped with the new Arcadia Lumenize ProT5 and Lumenize Jungle Dawn LED bar. Was just all plain white inside before


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Brindle and Bob
Looks awesome!! How does she like it so far? Has she settled in nicely? :)
She wasn't quite sure what to think at first. She kept climbing up on her branch and jumping at the walls. It was like she believed the background was real and she was trying to climb the mountains and trees. LOL But after awhile she seemed to settle down


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The new tank setup is lovely! I am sure after she got used to it she loved it too. The background looks great!


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Hi everyone, I have a question please. I have a thick branch I got from outside. It has been in freezing temperatures so I know that it is insect free. I took it off the ground and sat it up during a night we got down to 15 so the entire thing would freeze. Well tonight I put white vinegar all over it too cleanse it since it won't fit in my oven. Do I need to rinse with water tomorrow or is it fine left alone dried?

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