Healthy Beardie Threw Up!!!

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Woke up this morning to find little puddles of red/green nasty stuff all over the viv and some spots of clear liquid too. Doesnt look anything like poo must be thow up. Beardie has some liquid remains around mouth. HELP!!! Called the vet, secretary says hes booked for surgery today but will call me back.

I copied the questions here you go:

How long have you had him?
Since October so like 8 months
How old is he?
9 Months. Hatched 9/7/09
What type of UVB are you using(be very specific)?
Reptisun 10
How close can he get to it?
like 8, 9 inches
What are the tank temps?
Basking side 103 give or take. Cool side around 80.
Where and with what are you measuring them?
A probe thermometer
What has he been eating?
Supers (medium size from mulberry farms), greens. Yesterday refused supers had some bok choi and snow pea pods (a favorite)
How often?
Hand feed greens morning supers mid afternoon
Are you using calcium and vitamin supplements and if yes which brands?
I'm using a Rep-Cal Herpitivite and Rep-Cal Calcium powder with D3
What type of substrate are you using?
shelf liner
When was he last bathed?
2 days ago. Usually give baths every other day. She usually waits to poop in them.
Dont mist. Too high humidity and every other day bath is usually enough.
Do you have standing water inside the tank?
Do you notice any gaping or issues breathing?
sometimes gaping on basking spot but nothing else
How are his energy levels?
usually not very active in tank but loves to explore outside tank
Any shaking or trembling?
Is he moving all limbs normally?
Any mucous around eye,nose or mouth?
when did he poop last?
2 days ago in the bath


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Sorry your having trouble with your beardie.
Did your beardie get near anything that could be toxic? Could he have come into contact with bug poison or ant killer or something of that nature? Did you feed him anything from outside? Parasites are also a BIG possibility, so a fecal should be done. Bring a fresh poo to your vet and they will do it usually pretty cheap. Hope this helps!
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