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I bought a cord harness and just tried it on Thor. She hated it. I thought ok well it's the first time she just needs to get used to it. But I'm not so sure. She was puffing her beard, dragging her body on the ground then started inflating herself like a balloon. I had just read about the member who's beardies lungs collapsed from puffing too much and I got worried. So I took it off. I'm too paranoid to use it now.


i have no idea how they work, but im looking to get somewhat of a harness for my new beardie, was it to tight maybe? has thor tried the vest kind before?


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Sometimes they are just scared. If it is too tight around the neck, it can bother them. When I put Doc's on him, I always make sure to stick my finger inbetween the harness and his beard and then pull it down so it is not tight. I'll take pics to demonstrate and post them tonight.


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Tasty Treat is a little Drama Queen with her harness.

She puffs up and opens her mouth and whips her head around like it's choking her.

I specifically designed the harnesses so that wouldn't happen and the first time i panicked. but when i checked the harness it is no where near her neck. :roll:

she does it less and less now, but she'll still pancake a bit to make sure it's loose enough to try to get out of.
I just always make sure it is loose enough (my finger can fit in like PudgysMom said) so that when they puff out a bit it isn't crushing them.

you'll just need to put in on for short periods of time until your beardie gets used to it.
Mr Dargon sees his harness and 'assumes the position', lol. he doesn't struggle at all, and as soon as it's on he runs to the door.

try putting it on and giving her a treat.


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Well I know it wasn't too tight but I think the part that goes around her waste was in the wrong spot so it freaked her out. It's should have been behind her arms but was extended out to her sides and I think she felt like she was being constricted. I was still trying to figure out where to position it and the tightness/looseness but she started walking away. I think what I might do is get one of these
http://www.beardeddragon.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=169265 and modify the cord harness I have now to be the leash that connects to the lanyard. :D

I just realized you designed these bunnyrut lol Super cute!
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