Hatchling waving

I pulled my hatchling out of its enclosure about 10 minutes ago for some sunlight on my arm and to get it used to me. Just a part of our regular handling.

When I put my hand back in the enclosure it readily jumped off my hand on to the substrate.

It then became the most exploratory it’s been since I got it - it’s been about a week since I got it in exacrly an hour or so.

It came up to the glass and started watching my dog and my fish, and me - not the typical glass surfing until as I write this.

It then began to wave at me.

It’s not frantic glass surfing? More exploratory - what could this mean?

As I finish writing this he jumped up his tree under the lights and started waving at me again?

I’m not worried - just curious.

Could it be a digestive thing like my other post? He’s also scratching us head against the log again too.


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Very cute beardie. Waving is a sign of submission or to say hey i see you and i don't want any trouble.

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