Has this happened to anyone else? lol!

So after having lunch, I went and took a look at my beardie to see that somehow his foot was horrifically broken and twisted! It took me a couple seconds to realize that it was actually shed skin that was peeling at an odd angle, lol.
I had a panic for a moment, but it was fine. Does that happen to anyone else?


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Hazel my female two year old beardie
Yes. It does twist and makes it look like that their actually foot then shed LOL 😂. It happens with my Hazel all the time


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My bearded also likes to sleep in a way that makes him look dead! Several times I've gotten the stink eye after waking him up, lol!


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Hazel my female two year old beardie
Oh my gosh thats what happens to me also! When Warrior and Hazel goes to bed, I always have a panic attack that they died LOL 😂. Once I touch them, they open their eyes and give me a death glare 😂 after a minute, they fall back asleep😂. Beardies can be really funny sometimes on what they do such as when they get lost, they would hide in clothes, drawers, behind couches, etc.


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Cookie, Waffles
Oh yes! Cookie once had his entire body shedding at once, and there was no cracks in the shed! He looked so sad and uncomfortable, so I made a small crack in the shed so he could get it off easier! Poor dude!

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