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I'm new to owning a bearded dragon, and I was always nervous about how much I was feeding or wasn't feeding Bowser. I stumbled upon this fairly recent podcast and thought it was pretty interesting. They interview BeardieVet, the world's leading expert in bearded dragons. He recommends a very different feeding regimen than what I have found. I would love to hear more experienced beardie owners' thoughts.
The Ultimate Bearded Dragon Care Guide! by Reptiles and Research


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Yeah thats been passed around some. Caused a lot of confusion. (If it's the one I'm thinking it is, tbh I didn't watch it again)


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Yeah thats been passed around some. Caused a lot of confusion. (If it's the one I'm thinking it is, tbh I didn't watch it again)
I can imagine that it did. But I guess it makes sense that as we gain new knowledge about bearded dragons, that would affect the way we care for them. For example, we thought kale was bad to feed every day, but now we know it's okay as a staple.


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Anyone care to write a small explanation? That's 4 hours long. That's about 3 hours and 50 minutes longer than my attention span.


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There is some seemingly good info in it but some of it not. Their ideas are way off on feeding hatchling + juvie beardies and might cause a lot of people to raise chronically hungry and stunted beardies. I posted it here some months ago and pointed out things but I'd have to find that thread now to pinpoint the areas in the video that are extremely controversial.

I might try to find it tonight or tomorrow. They rightfully point out that many beardies are over fed but I think they recommend feeding baby dragons only 4-5 insects per day until they reach 30 grams, then after they reach 30 grams to feed them that measly amount every TWO days. There's no way that would be taking place in the wild or for anyone to follow tiny babies from the time they hatch out of the egg to accurately detail each specific baby in to adulthood. There are time stamps in the video and there's good info about calcium/phosphorus ratio and how it gets thrown way off when people over feed them which results in a lot of problems.
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I knew you can overfeed on bugs, but can you overfeeding greens? Seems to be that greens would be what they eat the most of since it's always around in the wild, but since bugs would be a bit scarce they should be fed in moderation for captives.

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