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So I've only had Emerson for a little while now but his previous owners got rid of him because he wasn't very friendly. He has no problems with me putting my hands in the cage and moving things around or taking food out of my hands but if I go to touch him or try to pick him up he freaks out. I always try to scoop him up from the side and not grab him from the top but it doesn't work. If I do manage to pick him up he tries to jump off my hand right away. I can lay my hand right next to him and he doesn't even flinch or look at it. He always comes right to the front of the tank when I sit next to it and even if I'm across the room and he sees me looking at him he'll come over to the glass. I'm just not really sure what to do. I sit next to his tank and talk to him every day and he loves to watch my dogs play. They were guessing he's about 8 months old.
The dogs could actually make things worst as he will see them as predators and fear he could be a meal. I had a young beardie I took in a few weeks back that was similar to yours. I would handle him when he was on the cooler side either 1st thing in the morning or right before bed time when I turn the lights down. I also filled up a tub with warm water every 2-3 days let him soak for a bit, took him out and let him sit in a hand towl to dry as I held him. 3 weeks into it and my 3 year old can hold him. Now it may take you more or less time but whatever you do be consistent. Good luck,


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I will definitely try holding him when he's a bit lazier, if I ever find that time. I swear he wakes up ready to roll :) The dogs are locked away when I try and take him out and he really doesn't show any fear towards them. He puffs up if I put my hand in the cage while he's eating but the dogs have gone right up to the tank while he was eating and he just keeps on eating. I know we'll get there eventually and time isn't a big deal. I just want to make sure I don't do more harm then good during the process.
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This is Atlas, he's my 3 year male leatherback. i don't know whether to be worried as he has no femoral pores what so ever, not even small ones! i always thought they would come with age but he is getting a bit older now and i'm starting to worry. here are some photos of his lack of pores. if someone could let me know if this is healthy that would be greatly appreciated!!
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