Hand-held vac?

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I keep thinking that some sort of little mini vac would be great for cleaning up the spilled food, shed, etc. in my dragon's enclosure. Has anyone else given this a try, and perhaps have a brand to recommend that is strong enough yet small enough. If not, I'll have to be a trailblazer I guess! Hoping for some input.


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I use a little canister with a long hose, works great for spilled salad and shed skin. Mine is really old, well over 40 years but works fantastic. Any brand you can find with a nice long hose should work good.


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I use a small mini hang up shop vac. it was on sale for 20$ at westlake and i knew i had to have it for tank cleaning! It works great and I use it every few days


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I use the hose on my dyson. You'd think the noise would freak them out, but they don't care. They just give me a look like "Yeah, 'bout time!"


My new dragon is still in the "relocation stress" mode, and today I fed him 2 crickets, he ate em right up.

First time I got him to eat anything substantial

Went out and got him 12 more to eat

Didn't eat any. Grabbed a shop vac and cleaned up shop.

That dragon could care-less. Was awesome.


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Thanks for the input, all. I have an old hand-held vac that I am going to devote to the dragon's lair, and see how it goes. It might not be powerful enough, as it is an old one. Next, I am purchasing a steamer!


I use a hand vacuum to clean my dragon's cage after I take out the reptile carpet. It is so easy just to suck up all the leftover food and other things.
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